Whats in it is probably the most important aspect of Hatchup Katchup! We start with all natural GMO-Free Tomato Puree from tomatoes vine-ripened in the California sun. We then add the star of Hatchup Katchup, the famous green chile grown in the Hatch Valley where the uniqueness of the climate allows for that special soil that can only produce such flavorful peppers! Along with HEAT, Hatchup Katchup has a ton of FLAVOR!

Ketchup wouldn't be Ketchup without that perfect tang! Early on we discovered that White Distilled Vinegar is made from corn which set off an immediate GMO Alert! Special care had to be taken to source Organic White Distilled Vinegar.  Apple Cider Vinegar just HAD to be in Hatchup Katchup, but we took it a step further with Organic raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar from California that just bursts with flavor! In our batch testing, we tried what we believe to be every type of salt on the planet and finally settled on the superb Sel Gris (Grey Salt) that is raked by hand in France. Ketchup is sweet, and we have found a wonderful balance with the sweetness using Cane Sugar that is Organic and Unbleached.  Hatchup Katchup is what our friends call an "exciting roller coaster of flavor," moving from sweet and tangy to the unforgettable heat and flavor of the roasted green chile and our hand chosen spices. Both our granulated garlic and our onion powder are organic and grown in the USA.

We believe in delivering a genuinely good product. We also believe the best recipes start with the best ingredients and because of this, we have hand picked these special ingredients for Hatchup Katchup. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and love it when the best ingredients are from right here in the USA. We are perfectionists in every way, and strive to seek answers for bewildering questions such as "Why is so much garlic from China?!" Answer-"Probably for the same reason that so much of everything else is."

Now that you know how all of our totally natural ingredients contribute to the soul of Hatchup Katchup, we know you will pile it on everything and enjoy it that much more!

Here's to good eatin'!

-Carmit and Jacob